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Cricket Stick, The Old Blacksmiths Yard, Newnham Lane, Burwell, Cambridge, CB25 0EA
Gary Du Ploy at Cricket Stick is an avid cricketer and coach and runs a specialist Cricket Shop in Cambridge. Gary offers a great service with expert help and advice to all cricketers. Gary is responsible for selling the fastest selling SAFBat, it was out of the delivery box for only2 minutes. Trent Valley Sports, 3 The Glebe, Upton, Lincolnshire, DN21 5PD
Ted Roberts at trent Valley Sports has a pernache for the boutique brand as can be seen from most of his range of cricket bats. SAFBats are happy to be joining his range of bespoke in-house bat makers. Up North Cricket, Str√łket 8, 1383 Asker, NORWAY
John Tvedt is the sort of Aussie that loves cricket that much he has decided to open a store in Norway. SAFBats couldn't resist being involved with someone with that amount of passion for the game.

The Batmaker

Andy is passionate about cricket bats, he has a great understanding of willow and cricket bats at a theoretical and practical level, see Andys FAQs. As a podshaver he is a great believer in tradition. The tools he uses have been used to make cricket bats in this tried and tested process since the 1750s. The bats and profiles he has created from our English willow clefts are both innovative and traditional. They all have a meaning and a purpose, that is, they are shaped that way because, he knows what makes them perform, in which areas they will perform, why they will perform and for which customer. The willow is selected to suit a shape and a customer, he doesn't just put his hands on a piece of willow and say "That looks nice, that'll do." The cricket bat profile needs to suit the willows full potential for performance not the other way round. Ultimately Andy makes SAF bats to be used and enjoyed.

Welcome to our Brand page, a little bit about our logo explains alot about our ethos here at SAFbats. The designer asked me for ten adjectives that describe my bats: And below is what I gave as an answer and that is what SAFBats is all about. Innovative, Traditional, Handmade, Individual, English, Engineering, Performance, Elegant, Flowing, Finished, Understated and stylish. What we ended up with is a Willow twig and leafs with stylised writing that is understated, traditional well you can read my reply above.