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Bespoke Hand Crafted English Willow Cricket Bats Our reputation and success is based on traditional standards, modern techniques and exceeding customer expectations. Andy, our Podshaver, is a great believer in tradition. Our cricket bats are all handmade using traditional tools. That said we are constantly innovating and applying new concepts when designing & making our cricket bats. To us, everything is important.
The Workshop experience for a complete bespoke bat where we work together to give you the optimum bat is available and sought after. This is a full fitting service with the bat being passed to you constantly for feedback and adjustments whislt we make it, together. Inaugural Willow Cricket Bats available: POA [Very Rare "players" willow] In addtion to our cricket bat range we are offering the SAF Farrago, from time to time we will have bats that may have slight flaws in them such as minor pressing cracks and sanding errors etc . Nothing that effects performance but something that maybe of interest to you! This bargain bucket could be an Aladins cave. Note: Each Farrago is individually priced - Email or call for details


SAF Fabrica
- Classic Design with a twist
- Medium Size tapered Edge
- Meaty middle
- Slightly bowed for balance and power

Bat Makers Notes: The SAF Fabrica is a twist on the classic design for the modern day cricketer. It has a great middle, through innovative pressing techniques and hand shaping and excellent swing weight and “pickup”. 2010 Award winningbat. Available from 2lb 7oz and Up

Aspis Pads
- Classic English White in a tradtional design
- PLASTAZOTE® Foam for optimum protection. Extra Knee protection for leading leg, Leather instep, Padded Straps.
- Superb wrap around leg padding and Knee socket to offer superior comfort

Aspis Gloves
- Classic English White in a tradtional design
- Hinged gloves with full fibre shield protection on all the fingers.
- Additional shield for the bottom hand thumb
- Premium grade sheep skin palm, tough and soft.
- The whole glove offers superior comfort and the highest level protection